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Lacta Sonho de Valsa (Bonbon) 
Bombon Relleno Con Crema De Castanha De Caju Coberto Com Chocolate 
Bonbon with Cashew Cream Covered in Chocolate
Weight: 1 KG

Garoto Bonbons Sortidos
Assorted Bonbons 
Net Weight: 14.11oz (400g)

Garoto Talento Castanhas-do-Pará
Milk Chocolate with Brazil Nuts
Net Weight: 3.53oz (100g)

Garoto Talento Avelãs 
Milk Chocolate with hazelnuts
Net Weight: 3.53oz (100g)

Garoto Talento Amêndoas e Passas 
Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Raisins
Net Weight: 3.53oz (100g)

Garoto 55% Cacao Chocolate Amargo
Dark Chocolate Bar 
55% Cocoa
Net Weight: 5.29oz (150g)

Garoto Chocolate Con Leche 
Milk Chocolate Bar
Net Weight: 6.35oz (180g)

Garoto Chocolate Blanco 
White Chocolate Bar
Net Weight: 6.35oz (180g)

Garoto Baton Box 
Chocolate ao Leite
Milk Chocolate 
Weight: 16.93oz (480g)
Contains: 30 Baton's at 16g each